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Christmas 2023 & The New Year!

Christmas 2023 & The New Year!
The holiday season at CROÍ MEALA was enchanting, filled with new designs, exciting collaborations, and heartwarming connections. Having said goodbye to this remarkable year, I'd like to cherish the moments that made this season a celebration of creativity and elegance.
My second pop-up at 129 Mare Street with CARA POP-UP was a Christmas wonderland! Meeting everyone in person and showcasing new brands was a truly wonderful experience, thank you to everyone who came down in the freezing cold to say hi! We also created our first collaborative CARA shoot— bringing together the products from our small brands into a ballet studio setting, it was pretty special.
Speaking of creations, I released my first drop since my first collection, the Sand&Snow rings! Réalta, Airh, and Siocán—a trilogy of rings inspired by the textures and colours of the winter seascape.  My celestial tribute to the crunch of snow across the beach, the tonal blends of white and gold and my favourite clear winter light. All handmade with recycled 14kt gold and lab grown diamonds of course!
December also brought around CROÍ MEALA's first birthday!! This was a milestone that made me incredibly proud, starting from scratch and creating a real business! Reflecting on this exciting year, my focus ahead is on enhancing sustainability and developing my designs.  There's always a lot to learn in the goldsmithing world and this year will see some serious developments, so stay tuned!
In reflection, the holidays at CROÍ MEALA were about connection, creativity, and conscious craftsmanship. As I step into the new year, I'm fueled by past inspirations and excited for the future—a future bright with exquisite designs, sustainable innovations, and a commitment to crafting jewellery that resonates deeply.
Thank you for joining my journey—a journey filled with your support and enthusiasm. Here's to the new year!

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