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Aalid Enmey - the beauty of a name

Aalid Enmey - the beauty of a name
As we emerge from winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I truly feel like a bear coming out of hibernation.  This winter has been one of staying in, lighting the candles and letting go of expectations and ego.  It's also been one of reflection, as I looked back over the growth of CROÎ MEALA, with a stronger understanding of it's strengths and direction.  With this in mind, I am currently working on the release of a gold collection, focusing more deeply on craft, hand skills and lifelong treasures.
As with all good things though, this will take time.  So while this new seed grows, I would like to release to you a little offering that has come from a period of my life full of milestones; 30th's, weddings and new family members!
Recycled 9ct gold initial charms, handcrafted with texture and form unique to each charm. Can optionally be paired with an alluring baroque stick pearl, reclaimed from vintage jewellery to create a cyclical design cycle.
A name is a sacred part of your being that you carry through your life, a symbol of identity that holds huge depth of meaning to our friends and family.  
This little charm can be hung on a necklace or earring charm and has been my favourite gift for these special events this year. 

I hope that this can also be a beautiful gift and treasured keepsake for your loved ones too. 

 Handmade with love as always, 

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