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Tips and Tricks

CROÍ MEALA jewellery is always made from 925 recycled sterling silver or, on request, 525 recycled gold.  Jewellery requires love and care to keep it sparkling!  I recommend the following:
- Keep your jewellery in a safe and dry place when not wearing it.
- Remove when washing your hands, showering or coming into contact with water
- Remove when applying creams or perfumes as they may tarnish the metal
- Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible as it may scratch the metal.
For 925 recycled silver we recommend cleaning in a bowl of warm water with a small amount of soap.  Immerse your jewellery and leave to soak for 20 minutes to remove dirt.  You may rub with a soft brush if necessary.  Remove from water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.  For additional buffing consider a silver polishing cloth.   If your item includes a stone check the properties of the stone before cleaning as it may not be suitable for water immersion.
I also offer 14k vermeil gold plating at 3 microns of depth.  This is thicker than the industry standard meaning that the quality of the gold plate will be more long lasting and durable.  However, all gold plating requires that the user take good care of their items.  Over time the plating with naturally fade and may require re-plating.  Items such as rings, which sustain heavy contact, will be more at risk.  I recommend the following care instructions:
- Do not wear your gold-plated jewellery constantly.
- Remove when washing your hands or showering or coming into contact with water.
- Remove when applying creams or perfumes as they may tarnish the metal
- Avoid contact with hard surfaces as it may scratch the plating.
- Clean with a soft cloth only.

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