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Our commitment

Each bespoke collection will be dedicated to a charity that aligns with our ethos and tackles the issues that society and the environment face today.
As our first collection brings us into the start of a new cycle around the sun, we look to the new year to bring lighter, longer days and a fresh beginning.  With this in mind we have decided to support ‘Rewilding Europe’, a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands.  A charity that aims to rewild 15 locations across Europe, restoring wildlife populations through keystone species and creating a positive connection between the environment and humanity.  By respecting cultural and economic connections to the land as well as the interlinked systems that surround us, we can go forward towards living within a natural and vibrant ecosystem.
We will be donating 5% of profits from each sale from our first collection to ‘Rewilding Europe’ as well as supporting and promoting their excellent work and educational events.


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