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A square vegan silk scarf that has been hand-dyed using natural dyes and foraged seasonal ingredients.
This vegan peace silk was sourced within the EU and created using a slow production method that values the life of the silkworm over increased production. By allowing the worm to complete its natural lifecycle and become a butterfly takes 2-4 weeks, a much slower process however results in beautiful non-violent silk. No fungicides, pesticides or genetic sprays were used in the production of this silk. These silks have been hand dyed using natural dye ingredients reflecting ingredients foraged at the beginning of the season.
Solstice Selection: This seasons colour-ways were collected through a harvest of Marigolds and Blackberries. Marigolds are the flower of October and their colour brings light to the end of the summer months. Blackberries have always signalled the start of the winter for me, having regularly picked them during my childhood. The colour options Dawn and Dusk offer a lighter or a darker option of the same dye.

*1 x Marigold Dusk, 55cm ready to ship
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