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Our Ethos

Committed to a fully ethical production chain we make the majority of our products to order, minimising wasteful production and creating personable connections with our customers.  Only our 'Signature Edit' consisting of bestselling designs are offered readymade for physical events, bringing your favourite designs to you. Designing for a slower pace of life, utilising foraged materials and rebirthing memories of intimate interactions, CROÍ MEALA creates long lasting pieces for soul, body and earth.
Sourcing only recycled metals, vegan fabrics and ethical gemstones, we aim to be transparent with our sources.   CROÍ MEALA will only use recycled silver and gold within our designs to work against the destructive mining of our planet.  In line with our animal welfare beliefs, our pearls will be high-quality vegan glass pearls sourced from Swarovski.  Natural gemstones used within our pieces will be individually considered for the most suitable and ethical choice from traced sources that support local communities, ‘post-consumer’ gemstones or lab grown.
We aim to have the most ethical production process possible when creating our heirloom designs.  Our first step to reducing the amount of chemicals used within this is the integration of a biodegradable pickle made from 100% non-toxic food grade materials.  This solution will be used to remove the oxidisation from the metal after heat processes, a practice that usually involves corrosive chemicals.
Although the majority of our designs are made in house, for any external processes we have established local suppliers within Europe to reduce the carbon footprint of the brand.   Additionally, we have only partnered with suppliers who also work hard to have a more ethical and environmental practice.  Our casting supplier works only with recycled metals, our plating supplier recycles the water used within its production process and our fabric supplier only produces non harmful vegan silks.
Our designs are all individually crafted with love and attention poured into each one.  As these designs are often handmade there may be small differences between each design, differences that make each piece unique. 
All our pieces have been hallmarked with either the Dutch or London Assay Office giving you piece of mind about the material quality.  Finally, our 14k Vermeil plating is offered at 3 microns of thickness, over the industry standard, insuring a long lasting and high-quality finish.
We are proud to have removed new plastic use within our production process.  Any plastic used within the production process recycles previously existing materials.  Our product packaging and cards are created from 100% recycled cardboard and our mailing bags are biodegradable.  Finally, with each purchase we include a seasonal seed, offering an additional surprise for each of our customers to promote a more green ecosystem!

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