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Many are familiar with the story of Niamh, the fairy queen of Tír Na nÓg who fell in love with a human, the great warrior Oisín, leader of the Fianna of Ireland. She crossed into the human realm to ask him to return as her husband. Oisín agreed and left on horseback with Niamh, promising his father he would return to see him soon. With the tricks of time it would be 300 years before Oisín returned, finding the country much changed and himself an old frail man when touching Irish soil. Before he died Oisín shared the myths and legends of the Fianna and the faery realm, many of which continue today through the traditional Gaelic culture of storytelling.

Our Niamh ring gently undulates around your finger, encompassing three glittering sapphires - the multiples of time that wrapped Oisín and Niamh together in the spiritual realm.

Each order is distributed with wildflowers to encourage biodiverse ecosystems and 5% of profits will be donated to Rewilding Europe.

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