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'Lhiannan Shee' translating as 'fairy lover' from Manx Gaelic, this waist chain explores another Gaelic myth of love, danger and magic.

The 'sidhe', or fearies as they are more commonly known, love nothing more than to cause mischief in the human realm. In this tale of oral tradition, warnings were given regarding faeries or tricksters that can lure in human lovers leaving them trapped in the otherworld for prolonger periods that were often multiple of three in duration. Three days, three months, three years or even three centuries!

Wrapping softly around the waist, with a dagger hanging gently below, the design evokes a myth of love and deceit.

Crafted with care and respect for the environment, this waist chain is made with with recycled sterling silver, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical jewellery. The unique clasp, that features as part of the design, links into any length of the sparkly chain to hold the design in place. By embracing traditional craftsmanship, the daggers are sand cast in our studio by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are alike.   

Each order is distributed with wildflowers to encourage biodiverse ecosystems and 5% of profits will be donated to Rewilding Europe.

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