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Searching for Tír Na nÓg, or the Land of the Young, the otherworld where the faeries, Gods and Godesses dwelled. Many claim it lay somewhere to the west,
beyond the Atlantic sea that rolls of the northern coast of Ireland, along the ‘golden way’ that glimmers across the sea as the sun sets. This golden mirage is called ‘Mag Mell’ or Plain of Honey.

To access Tír Na nÓg required a portal, often natrual wonders such as caves, lakes, crossing the sea or passing through magical mist. Our favourite is the Manx portal, 'lus yn eebyrtys' - love in a mist.

Our Mag Mell signet is handmade from recycled sterling silver, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical jewellery. The wax carved ring is cast and then cut open in our studio and hand stamped by hand and hammer, creating a deep impression of a fern that bounces light as it curves around the ring. The design is then joined back together with 14k gold solder, creating the shimmering lines of connection reminiscent of the Mag Mell itself. 

Each order is distributed with wildflowers to encourage biodiverse ecosystems and 5% of profits will be donated to Rewilding Europe.

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