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Snow Moon

Snow Moon

By February we are still deep in the winter, the dark nights are still closing in early, the rain and the cold are ever present and the bright lights of December seem far behind us. But the cycles of the moon continue, bringing light to this dark month. 


This year peak illumination will occur on the 5th of February as the full moon reaches its highest point in the sky. The naming of the full moons comes from a variety of indigenous cultures around the world who all had their own names for each lunar cycle.  Recorded in the Old Farmer's Almanac in 1760, the Snow Moon was used in Native American culture, named after the common weather of the month.


Mythology and Spirituality


February was traditionally a time of scarcity, a period before the spring blooms and towards the end of the winter stocks.  A moment for revelations and purpose, the snow moon is a time to reset and re-evaluate.  Leaving behind old decisions or regrets and moving forward with consideration and purpose.   Although the world has changed and the winter months affect us differently, take this time to slow down and take nourishment through friends, movement and a lot of self love.

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