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Our signature design that holds a special place in our hearts! The Lover's Daggers, born from a real secret sixteenth century dating ritual where men would gift women a small dagger to be hidden inside her corset, a talisman of their courtship. In a time where women held little power, the passing of an object of power from a man to a woman is a dangerous and captivating story. In Gaelic mythology both the warrior goddess, Morrígan, and the God of love and poetry, Aengus Óg, both use daggers, to win fates and destinies through battles for love and death.

It is these dualities that have inspirited our Lover's Daggers design, allowing each piece to carry the essence of these ancient tales as they slide softly on, to be seen or unseen in your very own story.

Crafted with care and respect for the environment, these dagger clips are made with with recycled sterling silver reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical jewellery.  The additional option of choosing a 3mm lab grown red ruby or pink sapphire cast to be cast in the hilt  By embracing traditional craftsmanship, these designs are sand cast in our studio by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. 

Each order is distributed with wildflowers to encourage biodiverse ecosystems.

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