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Introducing our Cailleach Earrings. These handcrafted earrings pay homage to the Gaelic Cailleach, translating to English as witch - the matriarchal spirit and embodiment of the Earth Goddess's shadow aspect.

A divine being who was believed to have moulded the landscape and unleashed the rivers, she is a crone by winter before being transformed into Brigid, the goddess of Spring. The character of the Cailleach is non-linear, aging and transforming with the seasons, a cyclical existence who brings both the darkness and destruction of winter, and the life-giving gift of spring.

Each earring features a delicate silver post that inserts into the ear and two barbed hoops curve gently around the earlobe, reflecting both the delicate and dangerous nature of the Cailleach's cyclical dance.

Crafted with care and respect for the environment, these earrings are made from recycled sterling silver, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical jewellery.  Each order is distributed with wildflowers to encourage biodiverse ecosystems and 5% of profits will be donated to Rewilding Europe.

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